Perception, decision-making and action in football: Current findings and implications

  • Stephan Zahno Institute of Sport Science, University of Bern, Switzerland
Keywords: football, practice transfer, perceptual-motor skills, decision-making, team sports, coaching, performance tests


In football, players’ perceptual-motor and decision-making skills are essential for successful performance. However, developing effective trainings and valid tests for these skills represents a key challenge for both researchers and practitioners in the field. The symposium is organized in collaboration with the Swiss Football Association and aims to bring researchers and practitioners together in order to stimulate constructive discussions on this specific issue. Four speakers will present findings and implications of their current research focusing on different aspects of perception, decision-making and action, namely on the effect of verbal coaching instruction on scanning activity (Hintermann & Fuchslocher, Magglingen); the role of task constraints for creative performance (De Joode, VU Amsterdam); novel opportunities to tests decision-making skills using augmented reality (Müller & Mann, VU Amsterdam); and the role of gaze strategies for performing functional and creative action (Zahno & Vater, Bern).

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Zahno, S. (2023). Perception, decision-making and action in football: Current findings and implications. Current Issues in Sport Science (CISS), 8(2), 040.