Current Issues in Sport Science

Highlighted research directions

  • Claudio Nigg
  • Markus Tilp University of Graz, Austria
  • Günter Amesberger University of Salzburg, Austria
  • Carol Ewing Garber Columbia University, USA
  • Thomas Finkenzeller University of Salzburg, Austria
  • Martin Keller University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Christine Pellegrini University of South Carolina, USA
  • Sebastian Ruin University of Graz, Austria
  • Thorsten Stein Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  • Ansgar Thiel University of Tuebingen, Germany
  • Mireille van Poppel University of Graz, Austria
  • Sabine Würth University of Salzburg, Austria
Keywords: Future Directions, Current Issues, physical activity, sport, research


CISS welcomes and encourages articles addressing a broad range of topics across sport science which include but is not limited to genetic, biological, physical, physiological, psychological, pedagogical, sociological, environmental, policy among other aspects. In this editorial, we highlight several topics of interest for each of our sections within CISS: biology & medicine, biomechanics & informatics, movement & exercise science, pedagogy & history, psychology & philosophy, public health, sociology & economics and technology. We hope to motivate you and your colleagues to join us in advancing the field of sport science.

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Nigg, C., Tilp, M., Amesberger, G., Ewing Garber, C., Finkenzeller, T., Keller, M., Pellegrini, C., Ruin, S., Stein, T., Thiel, A., van Poppel, M., & Würth, S. (2022). Current Issues in Sport Science: Highlighted research directions. Current Issues in Sport Science (CISS), 7, 006.