The talent quest – comment on Baker & Wattie

  • Irene R. Faber Sports Science Institute, University of Oldenburg
Keywords: Aptitude, Sports, Giftedness


Explaining exceptional human performance remains problematic. Baker & Wattie (2018) explored the value of innate talent as underlying cause for excellence in sports. Although the absence of the influence of biological genetic influences cannot be confirmed or rejected, it is recommended to discuss this topic while taking into account the time-depending sport-specific context. Moreover, if, as Baker & Wattie (2018) concluded, the concept of talent has limited utility to the world of sport, the use of the predicate ‘talent’ might better be reconsidered in practice.
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Faber, I. R. (2019). The talent quest – comment on Baker & Wattie. Current Issues in Sport Science (CISS), 4, 103.
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