Active sport tourism consumption by German private households

With over 19,000 persons living in Germany, the expenditures for active sport tourism were isolated. Overall spending of German households for sport trips, with skiing (€ 3.4 bn) and scuba diving (€ 2.2 bn) being the sports with the highest consumption. We differentiate 71 types of sport and provide data on the most important 20 types. German households undertake 28 million trips each year and spend on average € 460 for each trip. This adds up to € 12.8 bn, which is a significant contribution to the economic dimension of sport. Austria, the Netherlands and Spain are the most important destinations for German households regarding active sport trips. The paper provides useful data to shed further light on the active sport tourism market.   Preuss, H., an der Heiden, I., Alfs, C., & Schubert, M. (2021). Active sport tourism consumption by German private households. Current Issues in Sport Science (CISS)6, 003.